Why Arabs Can't Fight - The Arab Culture Theory

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Why Arabs Can't Fight - The Arab Culture Theory Empty Why Arabs Can't Fight - The Arab Culture Theory

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Why Arabs Can't Fight - The Arab Culture Theory
Why Arabs Can't Fight - The Arab Culture Theory
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Source: Why Arabs Can't Fight - The Arab Culture Theory
Published: May 15-16 1998 Author: Kenneth M. Pollack
Posted on 12/12/01 5:19 PM Pacific by Obey The D

The Arab Culture Theory asserts that the poor performance of Arab armies in battle is caused by culturally-regular behavior and patterns of thought among Arab military personnel, particularly junior officers. It focuses on a number of particular traits which sociologists, anthropologists, and political psychologists of the Middle East agree are salient elements of the dominant Arab culture.
Arab culture tends to promote conformity with group norms over innovation and independent thinking.

Arab culture tends to promote a rather severe deference to authority which discourages initiative among subordinates.

Arab culture tends to promote the avoidance of shame at all costs which discourages an individual from accepting responsibility and encourages the manipulation of information to conceal shameful acts.

Arab culture tends to promote a fierce loyalty to the group which encourages individuals to shield friends and relatives from from shame and reinforces the emphasis on conformity.

Arab culture tends to consider manual labor to be shameful, and considers technical and scientific work as a form of manual labor.

The theory predicts that these patterns of culturally-regular behavior will produce identical patterns of behavior on the battlefield which are crippling to Arab armies and air forces. These patterns of military ineffectiveness can be boiled down to four pervasive problems:

Arab militaries suffer from severe problems with tactical leadership. Arab junior officers demonstrate little initiative, creativity, flexibility, or capacity for independent action in combat. These leave Arab ground and air forces incapable of fighting maneuver battles or improvising ad hoc operations in the heat of battle.

Arab militaries are frequently paralyzed by poor information flows. Arab junior officers and enlisted personnel regularly dissemble, exaggerate, obfuscate, and lie to conceal mistakes and unpleasant news, no matter how large or small.

Arab military personnel have extremely limited technical skills. As a result, Arab armed forces rarely are able to take full advantage of their weapons and equipment.

Arab militaries have difficulty maintaining their equipment because Arab technicians do not understand how to properly care for sophisticated machinery and most Arab military operators do not understand the need for constant preventive maintenance.

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